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  Qualification and Reliability of a GaN Process Platform, Singhal, S., Hanson. A.W., Chaudhari, A., Rajagopal, P., Li, T., Johnson, J.W., Nagy, W., Therrien, R., Park, C., Edwards, A.P., Piner, E.L., Linthicum, K.J., Kizilyalli, I.C. (2007),Paper presented at the 2007 International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (CS Mantech), Austin,TX. Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation.

Reliability of large periphery GaN-on-Si HFETs, S. Singhal, T. Li, A. Chaudhari, A.W. Hanson, R. Therrien, J.W. Johnson, W. Nagy, J. Marquart, P. Rajagopal, J.C. Roberts, E.L. Piner, I.C. Kizilyalli and K.J. Linthicum (2006), Paper published in Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 46, Issue 8, August , pp. 1247-1253.

GaN-on-Si Failure Mechanisms and Reliability Improvements. Singhal, S., Roberts, J.C., Rajagopal, P., Li, T., Hanson, A.W., Therrien, R., Johnson, J.W., Kizilyalli, I.C., & Linthicum, K.J. (2006). Paper presented at the 2006 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), San Jose, CA. Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation.

Reliability of Large Periphery GaN-on-Si HFETs. Singhal, S., Li, T., Chaudhari, A., Hanson, A.W., Therrien, R., Johnoson, J.W., Nagy, W., Marquart, J., Rajagopal, P., Piner, E.L., & Linthicum, K.J. (2005).  Paper presented at Reliability of Compound Semiconductors Workshop 2005, Palm Springs, CA.

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